So many questions so little time! Here are the answers to just some of them.

If you have more questions than answers,


60 Minutes (MP3 Download).......  £39.95


Recorded Links (up to ten)...........  £10.00


120 Minutes (MP3 Download)....    £79.00


Recorded Links (up to fifteen)......  £10.00

How do I get the information to you? – The best way is email.

List the tracks - in no particular order, unless you have a preference, but ensure its ARTIST – TITLE

Personal Messages/Dedications – Tell me what you want to say and when you want to say it, ie: this message before/after this track

Recorded Links – Easy, we call you, you say what you want to say, we record you.

How long does it take to receive my Tracks of my Life Show? Depends on how obscure the track selections are and the time of year. NORMALLY, 7/10 days. From late November and December it can take longer; mid-summer, a lot quicker. HOWEVER, you will be told when you place your order.

Can I have a Tracks of my Life show longer than 2 hours? - Yes, your Personal Radio Show can be as long as you like, contact us for a quote.

How do I receive The Tracks Of My Life? – You have a choice. We can either send you a link where you can download your MP3 onto a PC, Laptop or Tablet (some SmartPhones may have the capacity to store them).

Are there any more extra’s? – Yes, there are plenty of extra’s available, some of them are listed above. If you want something that isn’t listed, and we’ll do our best to help.

What is the difference between dedications and recorded links? – Dedications, or readouts, are when the presenter is supplied with a printed script, from you, and reads them out. Recorded links are telephone messages - we call you - which are then added to the show. 

How do you decide which music to play? – You choose the tracks, or you can ask for all the number ones from a particular year. Or a mixture of both if you prefer.

Do you play explicit versions? – Usually we play radio edits although we can, if you prefer, play the cheeky version. The show will, in that case, carry a verbal warning to help protect young people.

Can iPods play "normal" MP3 tracks? - You may have to import them into iTunes before synchronising with the iPod. I believe this just takes as long as it takes and isn't really very hard to do.

And Finally...

Here at Tracks of my Life we love radio and music, but we do have mouths to feed!

When your Tracks of my Life show is ready, you will be sent a link to a much shortened version, along with an invoice and details of how to make a payment (Bank Transfer). Once payment has been received you will receive a link so you can download the complete show.

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